Going with the Flow …

Going with the flow enables us to ‘be in flow’ too sometimes.

You know those times when things run smoothly, opportunities appear just as you need them and life seems easy (for a change)?

Have a nice daySaturday morning was one for me – popping to the local village for birthday items, I realised my hair needed doing before going out so popped into one of the hairdressers ont he off chance they could squeeze me in.  And they did!   My hair was lovely, trimmed for travelling now, and blown straight for the evening as a change.   It felt great!

I got all the bits I needed and the present I was picking up for someone to give my daughter was brand new in and a better version than originally planned – and she loved it!   I passed the flower shop and thought every girl should get flowers on her 21st so added a small bunch including two pink roses for my ‘on the day gift’ alongside her main present of a holiday.

I got back, at lunch, sorted some IT and had time to help Amy sort out some last minute bits, get her safely to the restaurant and sort myself out too!   Flow.   And going with the flow, not stressing about no hair appointment booked or the right present bag colour to match etc meant I could take opportunities as I looked for and found them!  Going with the flow …

Ah, relaxed, fun and happy days!  Something I will get used to I expect  – and hope –   as this is one of the things my travels will do – give me space, improvisation and going with the flow of options that come my way!

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