Favourite Links

Trip Advisor and my own contributions Whilst travelling I shared my own insights and experiences to help fellow or upcoming travellers find their dream trips and tours – what to look out for, what I loved, what I didn’t like so much and why!

Nomadic Matt who gives great tips and links on world travel including sensible ideas, hostels, cities and meet ups too. Really helped me a lot with my travel plans in 2015!

The Man in seat 61 is another travel blogger who shares tips, experiences and hints on how and where to see the world.  And I love the creative blog name!

Steve Pavlina‘s personal development words of wisdom which relates to my own business and personal interests

My authentic self –  which I found when I came across ‘abundance’ relating to my own blog on this subject …

Pick the brain which I picked up looking at Socrates “Know thyself!” blog

Vivid ways – reading on something I came across above today (11.9.11) I found this from Scott McIntyre.  The single most powerful way to discover what matters… I tried it – will you?!

Your top 10 things because I loved a site like this and got a lot of tips from the Top 10 tips years ago and looked it up but found this instead which I may or may not try sometime

Productive Flourishing  with tips and ideas from a variety of professionals in personal development and coaching including Reset to reintegration where drastic action was required in home & business, much like many clients do when they come into therapy.

Smart Relationships –  information, a blog who listed one of mine as related article and has some good tips and comments we can learn from 

Psychologies Magazine articles offer insights and tips, ideas and insights – I love receiving mine through the door each month, and links through Facebook too!

Live & Learn is David Kanigan CEO at Stanley Morgan Bank.  Interesting ditties, links and comments from David straight to e-mail every day.

Marc & Angel Hack Life  This one I follow daily.  I love their insights – some I support, others I learn but all of their posts are helpful and quotes inspiring.

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