Books I read whilst travelling

Recommending books I’ve read…

These are the books I have read and recommend (or otherwise!) which you can check out yourself.  Each will have a brief comment and precis.   I will add them as I remember them or read them ….


The Art of Happiness: A handbook for living is one I’ve read whilst travelling, after meeting Patrick in Siem Reap where he was reading it, and we chatted about it so was inspired to read it, especially as it’s written around discussions on life and living with the Dalai Lama.

Happier than a Billionaire by Nadine Hays Pisani, a really funny book about setting up home in a new country.  Such a good and amusing read.


AUGUST: Dexter and Philosophy

An exciting book!  I found this (or rather my daughter did, as she is also a huge fan!) on a uni visit to Lancaster.  As we find Dexter fascinating and generally enjoy criminology programmes (Criminal Minds, CSI, The Mentalist) this has the twist of Dexter being a blood spatter expert witht he Miami police – and also a serial killer!  Trained by his adoptive policemen father he was taught to use his natural killer instincts to good use by only killing ‘baddies’ i.e. criminals who might get away with their crimes against vulnerable people – under the radar, monied and contacts etc.    So he is a goody, albeit a sadistic one maybe – but then, they deserve it don’t they?  And the world needs heros like hime to take care of us?  That’s the crux of the book – analysising philosophically why we like him and is it right?  In my eyes and my daughters – YES!  I love the programme too …

Also currently I am up to looking at the morality of Dexter – and generally the philosophy of moral theory and society…making me think about my own moral code and those generally around …

Link to Dexter Showtime site …                                                                                               

…and have a look at my own post on moral codes from today too and some other personal opinions and codes you can consider if you choose to think about it.

Seize the Day, Danny Cox

I read this book on the plane out, picked up at the airport I think. This was one of the three ‘reinforced messages’ I got on that initial journey to Bangkok from Manchester – “Noting is impossible, anything is possible”

The other two were the man sat next to me used it, who was an IT architect for the biggest roller coasters in the world, when I asked him how he recreates an idea, and the other a film I watch on the flight where a penultimate scene had that exact phrase in it too!

Personal development and action as a life coach, my sort of book!

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