julie_clearmind-27Welcome to my travel blog on living my life long dream

I am mum to two young women, and professionally I run my own business Clear Mind Life Coaching & Counselling helping people to live a life they love and live their dreams too.

This is my place to share that side of me that was free and easy, doing what I wanted and how – the freedom just ‘to be’ and do.

I share my personal thoughts and ideas, my blog posts from travelling to 14 countries in 12 months solo backpacking from UK to New Zealand that I have dreamed of since I was in my twenties, but inspired by’ imagine actually seeing the real Amazon’ since I was about 12 in my encyclopaedia – just one small, simple picture of a dense green jungle and a few paragraphs started that dream off so long ago.  Even if I didn’t know that then…

I left on 1st August 2015 and returned early June 2016.   I get the usual Facebook reminders that bring the swell of memories and feelings up to surface again.  Not that the thoughts are ever really far from mind for me!

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