No doubt travellers have to try and do improvise on the way.  I have started this even before leaving the UK.   How?

  • Accommodation – moving around as I am currently ‘homeless’ and finding places to stay such as Airbnb room in a lovely house in Denshaw, Edinburgh in a friend’s neighbours spare room, my sister’s home a few nights, and now a family friend’s small house attached to theirs they have rented out before (again, this is lovely too and I have space for all the bags to sort out, the piles to sort for packing, etc


  • Head space  (a Clear Mind!) – to sort IT, trips plans, money, packing, purchases, birthdays and family/friends catch ups
  • Provisions  – my initial food cook up for my first abode from the house just as  I left my home for the last time, then a small buy in this week until I go.  But there were some things I forgot – butter (so dry toast with my egg and bacon breakfast is novel!) and using the sunflower oil from my one can of tuna for cooking mushrooms and chicken!  It was fine, and doesn’t bring the smell of fish as it may have done!   Chicken chunks with a spare pack of risotto I brought with me will be dinner tonight,  and the other half of a quiche I picked up for lunch visiting my daughter on Monday was my lunch. Meagre Provisions
  • Using a scarf I just found I hadn’t already packed away can be used as a second headband to keep my hair up in the heat whilst away.
  • Using up the various small packs of hotel items I have in a drawer for taking away and using up like shampoo, body wash, nails and makeup remover pads etc.
  • Using quotes dropping into my mailbox whilst I’m moving around to fulfill my daily inspirations for Clear Mind’s Facebook page, along with personal sharings and pictures I come across in the day.

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