A week to go!

OOh er!  It’s very near to my leaving date now!  Less than a week before I jet off to Bangkok, rucksack on my back and off to warmer climes on Friday 31st July afternoon!   Excited now when I get chance to think about it, rather than managing the practicalities to get there!

Today is the Big Birthday I’ve held back for, with my youngest turning 21 so I couldn’t miss it!   Still lots to do even after that, which is now under control for the day!

Birthday celebrations CM

I am sorting out my passwords, iPad apps and contacts, sending out emails re this blog and invitations to friends I can’t manage to see one to one for drinks next week, and tomorrow is packing day!   Sorting through the many things I have ‘collected’ over the last few months in preparation for the trip.

I have been lucky enough to meet people unexpectedly who have helped me with ideas, tips and contacts abroad.   I now have to pull that all together for a more structured plan of sight seeing and visits.

People are now going to follow the blog to see what I’m up to!  How exciting!  Let’ s hope I can keep them entertained enough …

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