Ibiza homecoming!

I made it!  A dream within a dream – clubbing in Ibiza!   Something I had always wanted to do, missing the rave scene with marriage and children mainly but still love the music, even now!

We went to DC10 – still need to get the Cream Ibiza which hadn’t opened until just as we left, which wasn’t great planning was it, as that was my aim?

But still the experience was great, but I was upset having to leave early – because my youngest was tired!   I was ready to start at 9 pm and leave next day at 6 am and could have, would have except my eldest tricked me outside helping her sister!

I got dressed up, having bought my dress especially in Valencia or Madrid (who knows?!) at H & M would you believe and that was the only time I ever wore it!  LBD with black sandals from Adelaide, little black bag bought in the town we stayed in, and new Mac make up on courtesy of my eldest.  (She said I had to wear make up even though I hadn’t for the year before!)

I also got to a boat party too, although hard to find the right one in the end we got there.  And I loved it!  Dancing on the sea, great music from DJ Mark XTC we knew, along with a famous dance DJ off the radio I didn’t know!

Drinking a little this time, for the four hours we were out, until sunset and I enjoyed it all again.  On they down from the top deck, one guy asked if I would be back and said yes, of course!  Maybe, maybe not.  We will see


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