A month to go!

30 daysWell, time is creeping on.  Well, not exactly creeping, more like leaping ahead!

It’s just about a month until my travels start, albeit in more familiar territory of Europe for a few weeks before returning for a special birthday and then off into the wild blue yonder as my mum used to say!

I think she would have liked to travel more, but got the chance later in life, like me, only older still!  It’s never too late!

I am excited now but a little overwhelmed with all that (still) needs to be done before I go – preparing the travel, sorting the house and family, cancelling/changing contacts and social media and completing the two courses I have in hand before leaving – my TEFL but English grammar is escaping me a little, and an NLP course I have waited 10 years to undertake and the opportunity came now, at the last minute.   But it’s achievable and I am so excited to do it – learning something new already and realising how much I have learned to date, so consolidating lots of learning in my practice that I have been doing for a while and lots more yet to come!   Student and books Stuart MilesImage courtesy of Stuart Miles, via freedigitalphotos.com

Where will life take me in the next 12 months?  Let’s wait and see!

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