So much to do, so little time!

So true!  Managing the house move and the travel plans, family, work and logistics is a full time job in itself!  It’s starting to get stressful.  I have already had odd nights or early morning waiting up with slight anxiety, then getting up and remembering why I am doing this and how fantastic it’s going to be!   I still can’t really believe I’m going to see the world – so many amazing places, the people I’ll meet and things I will be able to try!   It is so exciting!!!


Tempered perhaps by the other side of things – family and their lives, friends, a few concerns about the future which is normal I guess, pet management and the decisions, timings and explaining that comes with every move made; every step forward brings another choice, another outcome, another task at times too!

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Explaining to people where I’m going, why and when, and then what is or isn’t going to happen with work, clients, finishing off, sorting the office, ending with my longer term counselling/coaching clients which is actually quite timely on the whole.

I’ve started my injections for travel now, with others planned in the necessary timely manner over a month so only just got this in.

The RTW ticket not yet booked which is unusual too, so late, but I can be flexible on dates and places, direction and timings.  And this is quite new to me so needs some adaptation on my part!   I’ve never been so free and easy-going, always had structure and timings, responsibilities for others so it will be different.  The plans needing flexing at the moment, waiting for confirmed dates to move on etc etc

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I am not ‘going on holiday’ though as some say, although when I do think about it I guess it is!  I am going to be writing my business plan, developing the plans into actions for the end of the travel year, maybe writing for a book I have in mind, blogging and posting quotes and comments on social media for the business and maybe even a little counselling or coaching along the way (but not “working” per se!)   I need to keep my hand in!  And, it comes naturally.

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