So much To Do List

Tick list mineThis is me – listing things to do!   This is why coaching works for me – or I work for it and can support people, because organisation and planning do come naturally to me!  Once, anally organised, now still organised but much more flexible and certainly adaptable!

But lists help me and most people, even those who prefer not to use them or write things down (usually auditory people who hear perhaps).    But I need to see (paper or computer screen – visual preference) and touch it (pen – kinaesthetic) and then I need to be able to cross them off and see my progress.  I even keep a note of what I’ve done, in something this detailed and lengthy, and complex really.

Three headings – house, travel, business – with breakdowns of aspects such as for


  • Moving Day
  • Clear out
  • Services
  • Money management


  • Transport and tickets
  • Packing
  • Security
  • Communication (pocket language book, kindle tips)
  • Contacts and places to stay


  • Equipment to take for social media and website
  • Business cards – never go anywhere without them as you just never know who you might meet and why)
  • Office move
  • Client management

Under each of these come bullet points so each one digs down to more detail and step by step the actions take place, the tasks are completed and the progress continues.

Idea go sunset travelEven planning with collecting some brochures for ideas on what to see, where to visit and the flow of the travel from place to place.   How much prices might be and transport options – planes, trains, bus or sailing.   Hostels or hotels, yurt or gers, jungle or city – planning, deciding and booking all start with the action plan steps!

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