Anxiety Attacks me!

“The tables are turned now because you could actually be too adaptable rather than overly stubborn. Perhaps you are just tired of struggling and have little patience to explain your stated position. However, too much flexibility might get in the way of your happiness now. You must take the credit or the blame for your present condition, but don’t waste your energy regretting previous actions. The time to hesitate is through; let go of your past so you can welcome your future with open arms”  Huffington Daily Horoscope (yes, I check them every day!)

30 days

This sort of helps my anxiety that has been raising it’s head recently, but now only a month to go and it’s rising steadily!  I know it will work out – I have faith in the direction I should be going, that the universe is sending me almost (it took a sigh of relief last year when I realised and accepted it and started putting it in place!).

But now, it isn’t quite happening, but it isn’t stopping either – I’m in limbo with the house and therefore my travel plans.  I am doing things, as still so much to do, but I have flexed my plans for A, B and even a C now!

Injections started and will keep me back a few days, but hey ho.   Cat too in case she needs to go in a cattery for a while.

Course work done that needs to be but pending passes still!   Frustrating.

Calendar 18 monthsChunking down from the big picture to the step by step and then the actual actions has been happening but more and more detailed steps now but still no definite move date.  Issues arise, have to be dealt with and hopefully move on.

Travel plans in place, just need to now action them!  Visas a problem yet to be solved with dates and embassy visits which is today’s job, and health stuff too.

Hey ho, life goes on …

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