Creating your vision

Pen & bookI thought I’d share with you how inspiring I found my own Vision Book.  You can use a vision you create with the support of your coach, and you automatically have one that comes to you without you realising even!

Then you can create a vision board, book, journal or anything that helps reinforce your dream – your vision – your goal!

It doesn’t yet need to have a date – even sometime will do at the start, but as it develops it’s important to build in years, dates, months, weeks and then days!   Then hours and minutes too!

When you have a dream – in coaching a goal is a dream with a timescale – then you ‘feel’ it as well as think it;  your every thought might move you towards it, good or bad.  Dreams come from not having something you believe you really want if you could get it!    Dreams, I know, can be misleading too but sometimes, if you dream it and work hard to achieve it they really do come true!    I know that too!

Create your future target SMiles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles via

I never thought I’d have two such impressive daughters but I knew I wanted children, I would stand by them, love and cherish them every step of the way until adulthood, and as adults should they need me.   I have.  And I will.

I never expected to be the sort of person to start and run their own business; nor change career direction so late in life, although the relevant values and beliefs were always there.

Bull arrow by ddpavumbaImage courtesy of Stuart Miles via

I expected my marriage to be perfect, and to last,  but it didn’t.  I did expect my employer to acknowledge and appreciate my loyalty and dedication but they didn’t (all of them at least). I expected more from people than sometimes I got, but from others I got more than I expected and different things.

Life is about change, options, opportunity and choice (albeit at times a limited choice maybe!)

But back on track – my vision book.  I have tried to upload it but I can’t work out how.  Maybe it isn’t for sharing.  Maybe it’s just for me.

But the principle of it is that you have an idea of what you want and where you want to go.

  • Then as you plod through life – or step or skip through life – you come across things that fit with your dream, be that a picture, a story, quotation, inspiration, encouragement, tips and tools that might help you get there.   And you make a note of them.   Copy them, tear them from a magazine, write them up, research them more, follow the blog or company you found them at etc.

Some might be memes like this  … or books like this

Ask Believe Receive                  Personal impact book

or a picture, word or quote like these …

Businessman          TSR     Just when the caterpillar

You can make a book, a shoe box, a treasure box or a vision board.  You can write you journal or prefer to draw it in pictures; write music, sing or dance, whatever and however you want to create it – including all those things – you can!

It will develop once you start it and try new things.  It has a life of its own and it grows with your dream!   Mine was a quote or meme that ‘meant something’ or ‘spoke to me’ and I copied and pasted it into a publisher file, page on page.  I now have 54 and counting!

Mine included motivating words some of which I share on Facebook and Twitter, others places I wanted to visit, sights I want to see, and transport modes I prefer to use.   It is a private book and no-one else would fully understand both the content and meaning for me, not the extent to which I am certain this motivated my travel plans!  I will share some pictures from it as blog decorations, like the train above….

So enjoy the journey – it starts here, today!   Right now.   With your dream ….

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