An elephant never forgets …

Well, things are moving on!  Not quickly but steadily I think.  I have a couple of weeks (not one as planned) to sort the house out – and there is lots to sort out!   Trips to charity shops and rubbish tip, sorting what to keep, donate or throw – decisions, decisions! 🙂

I have started packing the storage boxes, booked the space and hoping it all fits after all! Much more hoarding over the 18 years than I first thought …my BIL would be more ruthless and throw it all, as would my niece (both have experience of travelling, and change, and moving on!)

I have started saying my goodbyes to friends, and some family members I don’t see often, and will be getting some updates tomorrow on current travel tips from a friend’s daughter who’s just come back after 5 months!   Look forward to hearing about the elephants especially – they are part of my dream, my goal picture believe it or not so that will be interesting to hear and where to go!

Thai Elephants


Image courtesy of Aduldej at

I still can’t believe I am doing this for real.  It doesn’t feel real and probably won’t until I am sitting in a street cafe, or on a beach or trying to sleep in a hostel (to be honest, I feel for my fellow hostelers with me …).

What do elephants mean in the Animal Speak book I have – where animal totems come in to your life offering a message or insight?  Well, they relate to  Ancient Power, Strength, Royalty according to Ted Andrews in his book, Animal Speak – Elephant totem.

It’s interesting to hear things like that don’t you think?  I like the spiritual connection and hope to find that more on my travels, the cultural beliefs and experiences I hope and expect to have, one of the main reason for going!

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