Life starts early in Laos

I am woken each morning early, by ‘holiday’ standards, anything between 3am and 7.15 am.  Local people start early perhaps because of the heat in the day, especially by mid-afternoon although it does seem cooler down in the south, low season and in places rainy season.

I awoke today by children calling, banging in the garage below the hotel (well, cars and truck in there last night, right be the Reception in a corner, with a tiled floor!) 

This is by far the nicest placed I’ve stayed.  It looks very new, sparklingly clean and the bathroom is spot on except for a. broken shower head holder so it hangs down.

Others are dirty round the taps, in corners, open holes for the water and dripping pipes when you run the tap, right on to your feet!  

The curtains are flowery gold and clean, floor white- grey shiny tiles, walls creamy and spotless with dark wood furniture including a wardrobe which nowhere else has had.  Oh and a big double bed with soft pillow!!! And hot shower!!!! Luxury for £8 a night, more than I’ve had before as always one thing missing. At least they don’t say they have wifi and then it doesn’t work, but used the restaurants wifi to update everything and check what people at home are up to on Facebook.

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