Thahek & Kamouane

31st August 2015

Late to set off as usual and not the VIP bus I was told to Thahek.  What will it be like?  A village backwater, small town and not much to see, just a stopover as I don’t want too long a travel day.  About 5-6hours is maximum other than a sleeper.

Raining today, so not bad to travel and look out the van window, play spider solitaire and read, think and maybe chat with the couple here too.  Not much to see in this end of Vientiane, just dual carriageway.

hmmm, you know those travel stories you here of local buses.  Although  paid ‘ a lot of money’ I am on one!!!  It is a VIP bus because it says it on the front!, but inside partly tourists/ travellers and partly ‘ locals’, all but three on top deck Asian of some description.  Cultures meet, not collide at least, now anyway.  Some Asians also weren’t happy I think.

I paid 110,000 LAK to a travel company, Sou Chai, whilst some passengers appear to be paying 20,000 – a UK difference  of some £7.  the comfy little bus with just three os was good but that was just to the pick up.  When the big bus arrived the conversation went something like “three people” “we don’t have room” “oh dear” “two of you have to get off” (two young people did) and then we got on. Great, there are now two seats …. and the floor, a raised part at the front over the driver.  I count at least six over numbers then we just picked up two young girls too, who are sitting on the stair and front floor…

My Englishness appeared when I realised and was not happy having paid my VIP price!  and an older woman gave me her seat, which she refused when I tried to insist she sit back.  She is now downstairs I think.  But her birds are still here, in a box at my feet!!!!!  her husband beside me.  Really, I kept hearing tweeting birds I thought from outside, then somewhere near and then realised and peeped in the box (husband wasn’t happy with me but I didn’t think).  They go quiet then tweet and one time a scuffle happened in the box and I looked at them, at hubby and asked if they were OK. He Said something that told me but I don’t know what. 

I can’t even put my little legs out without turning sideways and my bottom is now aching from bumps and bounces!!!  

The guy across from me just spat out on the floor something the girl next to him gave him to try, and after and ongoing, with his loud film on his iPhone…something  Asian cultures see as Ok.   They may have invented earphones but don’t seem to use them.   Am I too British????

Ho hum, Only another 3 hours to go…

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