Paratay beach tour and new friends

9th May 2016 – my mums birth date!

I saved a fish today!  Went in the trip to the beaches ( really all one beach,,), walking along one with Jo the guide, she pointed out a beached fish gasping for water….so I picked it up, paddled in to the sea, and put it in deeper water but not above the waves and it scuttled off…😄

I was with three Brasilians, apparently sister and two brothers as I found by the end.  She wasn’t in great health and older, and her brothers helped her in and out the van, she sat and waited for them to do their thing and at the end, although we couldn’t communicate that well, guide and driver either, we had a chat and a giggle (and I tasted cachaca – banana fire water 😜!!). In the end, Carmen ‘loved’ me, and we hugged, and her brothers William … (very cool, cute too) and Sergio (funny and hidden English talent!) shook hands and Sergio said I was ‘very good company’ – as they were!   Such a nice easy day on lovely beaches with amazing waves!! Got knocked over twice so not the cool water babe I aim to be …🐠💦

Fresh water pool running from the waterfall

Some waves rose to 7ft high before crashing loudly onto the beach, at the foot of the 7ft high sandbank we were sat on!! Carmen chuckled at how excited I was at the waves – my childish side again! 

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