Dinner on the town Siem Reap

On Pub Street, where else! And the market, street food and more

When we went ‘out for dinner’ we ended up at a street vendor, by the busy, bustling if dark, park with locals and tourists alike!  The noodles we got were cheap and delicious, we sat at the park edge finding a seat with others, and ate them – very filling and I had to offer him some which he willingly took!  The younger travellers often don’t have enough money for food whilst away from home, and so this wasn’t unexpected as he gobbled down the rest I couldn’t manage!   All for two dollars!   The food is great in Asia.

Then we wandered around, down Pub Street (yes, really!) we laughed, watched, commented and talked, walked here and there, around the bustling evening market and restaurants – and of course pubs and bars, the stalls with food and sweets, cake and candy, toys and sarongs – anything and everything! 

Under a dark night, bright lights, music and conversation, it was fun and lively, and I had great company too!  He was good company and obviously also enjoyed being with other people, and this is often a bonus.   Chatting and wandering, he was pointing out things and discussion turned to foods to try – they really do eat insects here but not generally in the towns and cities, but the country homes.  

So when I said I would like to try snake, he was excited and took me to a stall he had seen previously selling this sort of thing! 

 So we even tried snake together for the first time!  After seeing the stalls with bugs to eat he showed me, and said he wanted a go!!  He would later venture into crickets and a huge cockroach with another fellow traveller (Monica who was brave to try it urghh!) later in the week, but snake was enough for me and something I had always wanted to try.  It wasn’t the full size snake slice I had imagined and still want to try but at least a mini on which I know you’ll wonder – so it tasted like burned bacon to be honest as it was a small snake and burned to a crisp, curled on a skewer – but at least I tried it! 

Later in the trip here Bex and I went out to dinner in a restaurant on Pub St, and had cocktails and meat, sat down, watching the various other restaurants, tourists, sellers and locals as the town centre comes alive at night!   And then we went to the markets and bought so much unnecessary stuff and a bag to carry them in for presents!  

Waste of money and effort in lugging them around the world or sending home when no-one really wanted the offerings at home!  It seems better when you’re there somehow! 

So now I have a hammock (bought with Patrick because it reminded me of Don Det, was only $2 – he was a good haggler, and I might be able to put it up wherever I live next!)    Then I now have two silk handbags, a silk scarf I bought for me that I love, and various bits and pieces for others too.  But I do like a market out here!

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