Group dinner in Siem Reap

Patrick was a handy guy to know, and Monica too who helped him become a great companion, one of those, like Monica too, who enrich your travelling on a stop over!

“Up At 4am tomorrow for sunrise at Angkor Wat! 

Another fun night with the other travellers in Siem Reap!  Patrick and Monica ate grasshoppers and most of us had a fish foot massage too where people stopped to watch as we giggled at the ticklish fish nibbling away dead skin-although these were pretty big fish in some and not the ‘right’ ones I think.   We saw children demonstrating a flying toy that Becki bought to take home for her nephews.

On the way in to town, we stopped for a great cook-your-own-food from the buffet he took us all to, that he found just around the corner over the road! You choose your meat and/or fish, take it to the table and they have boiling water and hot tops where you cook your meat (and get confused whose is where and what now!)  but it was fun, sharing, lively and interesting – a fun way to eat!

😀  I love these experiences, new places and being joined and included by complete strangers who become friends and leave such wonderful impressions!”

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