Meet ups around the world!

Siem Reap was hot in the daytime, warm at night and always busy and bustling.  About a 30 minute walk from the hostel, I eventually found my way which Patrick tested me on as we walked back, because I’d said I always got lost and rarely able to get my bearings easily wherever I travelled!

It was the day after I saw Bex was in town too, who I’d met in Don Det, Laos weeks before, so we arranged to meet up and spent a few days at the temples, shopping and eating together too.  

So it becomes a group, gathering for conversation, drinks or dinner.   Over the few days and nights there, I met a few other people, shared talk, meals and journey plans, history and future dreams and many a chuckle with the likes of Brent, who at first I didn’t take to but later found he had such a dry sense of humour – and we remain in touch on Facebook, and even invites to share a place to stay in far flung places in future if required (Egypt in this instance!)  We shall see …

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