Going home …May 2016

I’ve been away 10 months now and I’ve had enough of the effort of backpacking!  Just to be in one place, the same bed, and open a wardrobe for clothes and fridge for breakfast will be heaven!

I’ve loved every minute – well, most minutes!  But now, my head, my heart and my soul are fulfilled.  I’ve met lovely people, learned about different cultures, sorted problems, managed to communicate without language and seen amazing views!  It’s enough, at least for now.  

I’m looking forward to getting ‘home’ and working on my business and with clients again, finding an office, a home, developing my NLP skills, doing a further course and networking to start with.   I have plans, I have money to get me going, and I have a background of fulfilling goals or making dreams come true!  

Welcome to June 2016…

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