Travelling commentaries

A few comments remembered from Facebook that I have saved to give a flavour of daily feelings as well as daily events and that ongoing ‘wow! a day’

*Not impressed with Rio today, just another city. Lapa a bit livelier tonight but I was out early. off to see Cristo Redentor tomorrow if I’ve done my ticket right and move hostel in time!  Then off to Paraty for a few days nefore back to Sugar Loaf mountain and Copacabana beach before Lima for the last time…and a new creature I’ve never seen before!

*Not sure if I was hungry for a meal tonight, after skyping my friend, but went out after the 5pm downpour I got caught in ( but great to have clean clothes again!) and wandered down to the river for a night view.  I  found another tent (market yesterday) with food!  Lots of families eating, samba/salsa music playing and tried two new things!  Spicy sausage sandwich yummy then chicken with fillings also yummy!  Dinner for 25 real or £5…with Skol beer inc!!
Lovely day. Next, a long awaited lie- in …but might  miss breakfast …!!!

*Noisy night and little sleep last night after the ‘party’!  Loud loud music from 3.30am to 6… then vans dropping bottles off at 6.15 am!  Found a lovely new hostel, just the fireworks for now again!! Might pop over to the kiosk bar again – met ‘ my friend’ this morning hotel hunting at 8.30 am and I think we sort of said that! 

*Wandering the quaint streets, learning the layout…and beach, paddle and beer in Rio de Janeiro, S America this afternoon!!! Who hoo.

*More boats and beaches hopefully tomorrow and beach and city tour maybe last day!! Bring it on!!!

*Today, the charter boats and harbours…

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