Sugar Loaf Mountain

Raining again!

Going up by cable car, it was dull but the views were of course great!  Almost fully glass we all got views in a crowded car, taking photos, smiling at each other as we moved around to get shots from all sides!

Once there, you walk around the flagged walks to the restaurant-bar, the outlooks and the building work that blocked some views to the left sadly.  And the rain became heavier so we all tried to get back down to land together!

The views were great but I do prefer the view of the Sugar Loaf (named after a Brazilian bread shape apparently!) from Cristo Redentor, as it is an iconic view, and from here you can see the Christ statue as well, another iconic view!

I didn’t really speak to anyone on this trip, a lot of foreign tourists, none English I don’t think, but really we wanted to get the photos, see the views and get out of the rain and chill again!

On the way back rained on after it started to pour down so a couple of men reached up to pull closed the rooftop windows!   One of them who had a young boy with him loved the fact we applauded and thanked his dad, as a hero!  His face was a picture of awe and pride, and dad was happy his son saw this side of him too!  Cute!

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