The day we found the POW airstrip

And this is Ray’s account of the day he found the airstrip in Ubon not seen or realised again since WWII – a part in real life history!

A great read, pulling together the various stories Ray has told me over the years, before and after as well as during this discovery! Seeing real history is always exciting for me and this was special – part of something no-one from the west or even outside the locality had seen in many years since WWII!

He has followers there and people in high places interested and helpful with this historical account and ongoing explorations and discoveries of stories for an insight into governments, underground supporters and PoW experiences.

Ubon's Japanese Prisoner of War Camp

I started my research after reading a comment referring to the Ubon camp on one of the Far Eastern Prisoner of War Facebook groups. There was very little information immediately to hand, but in the weeks that followed I least found out that allied prisoners were sent there to construct an airstrip.

Back at home I used Google Earth to search the area for any likely looking airstrips. I didn’t really know where to look until I read Major David Smiley’s book ‘Irregular Regular’. He wrote that the airstrip was close to the camp which he estimated as nine kilometres north of Ubon. Much to my delight a more detailed look revealed the airstrip. I could go to the location on my next visit to Ubon.

I returned to Ubon and met my good friend Julie Crowley who was on a world backpacking tour. She stayed a few days at…

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