There and back again

Around four years ago in early June 2016 I arrived back in the UK from almost a year travelling. It was good to see my girls again, and catch up with family but depressing in the rain and greyness I recalled leaving a year before.

And I still have those many memories I made during that time, and the photos and stories (some I cant share!)

Sadly, since then, no-one really asked about the trip – to hear the stories, or see the pictures I didn’t post on Facebook each day, or ask how it had been. No-one seemed or was interested in the adventure to it remains only mine

But when I hear someone has been away on holiday or travelling, or a visitor to this country I can’t wait to hear all about their experiences and share the thrilling, amusing and intriguing tales they choose to share with me! When I see a rucksack carrying foreigner on the tram, or wandering around looking for something in particular, I will help if I can, strike up conversation and ask about their adventures…

I love to reminisce even on my own, perhaps especially on my own, with Facebook reminder popping up annually or a similar view on the many Instagram travel and country sites I follow. Even some of the Facebook friends I met along the say and still show up on my timeline.

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