Ha Long Bay A long trip

Today I’m off to Ha Long Bay, where amazingly I had a picture as my screen saver for years, not knowing where it was but wishing I could go to see it.  now I will!

Bus took ages to arrive, waiting from 7.445 to 9 am, then four hours on the bus. I did though get the best seat – sat up front by the driver! They tend to overbook everything and squeeze people in!!  Not much to see or photograph though.

Arrived, waited a. bit longer then off on the Dong Duong 01 . And the islands are amazingly beautiful.  We could take a kayak or a small boat, which I did, not knowing the option as others did but just paid anyway to local people who row small wooden boats under the rocks, like caves. This is so cool, and picturesque, then you open up into a closed lagoon surrounded by high tree-covered, limestone karste rock. Echoes a little, you can hear the birds, and see eagles circling above the karstes, perfect eagle eyrie sites!!

At one point I could see nine eagles, and once one came low enough near the boat to see the white tips to wings and tail so definitely eagles!!! wow!!! My favourite bird too!!

img_0871I had pictures taken (with no view behind??!), selfies with views by moi, and just views and settings like boats in front, sailing through etc.

The boat rower, stood at the back behind me, showed us shapes like cat, faces etc and he has lived there, on a boat for 60 years!! And his father and grandfather before him.  Whole families live there, on boats.

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