Sai Gon

Visited post office (and booked Cambodia bus!), whizzed by cathedral on bike, saw the palace (government) including a bunker.  Went to Chinese temple but no photos as capacity full; saw another big Bhudda and tried to charge a fortune, but haggled to half.  Visited Ho Chi Minh Campain museum which isn’t on the tourist maps, after sorting ticket at Vietnam Petro Building.

Went to Strictly night which was funny, then to Long drive almost 10 hours (1800000 dong = £50), to Cao Dai temple, then Cu Chi tunnels which was good. Even walked 40m bent double which amused the guide that I was trying it!  Interesting to learn communist propaganda and history and joint faith ‘cult’, with Helen, Patricia’s friend who is Shaheena’s friend from work.

Ate at De Tham, backpacker area in Quan1, very alive, crossroads restaurant with prices reflecting tourism aware city.  chatted to the waiter about his life, sadly they think we are all rich but comparatively, probably are!


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