Koh Pha’ngan/Full Moon Party!

Joe from Co Down, who says he’s average when we were talking  and he said his friend had commented ‘there seem to be no fat travellers’ as most are thin, attractive if not stunning!!   (Then there are exceptions like me…! He looked awkward!  :o)


But he was nice, attractive as the Irish are!  Red haired almost, pale skinned, he was wary of the sunshine sitting under a brolly looking out at the sea, relaxed.

We had a really good chat –  sitting in the sea on deckchairs under a brolly (really!) or me lounging in the shallow blue waters – when we first met, and I’d asked him how he and his friend had managed in the storm the day before – they stayed out as the rest of us dashed inside as it came in off the sea!  We sat for ages just talking about this and that, travel, the upcoming party and all sorts.   Just a lovely relaxing, friendly day travelling again …

As it happened, we shared a songthew with several Germans from the hostel too and they at times adapted me as we wandered, danced and met up again!  He seemed shy in the taxi with the Germans, the girls who were very good looking, and for me, the guy with a bun who actually got burned legs on jumping the fires at the FMP too, ouch!

I was also adopted by some English girls who dragged me up to dance on the stage, but it was fun and they are lovely – still Facebook friends today too!

He came to sit with me when he and Cormack got back from the FMP at 11.30 am after the Full Moon Party the next day, and we chatted about it until he had to get to bed!  He had invited me o share their taxi as I didn’t know where it was or how to get there.


When I first got to Greenpeace Bungalows on the Friday, the owner told me, as I stood an older woman with a backpack, not looking my best I guess either – that there is a full moon party on the Sunday.  I told him that’s why I was there – he looked stunned and said, pointing to the left of him, “My mother she no party!” at which I laughed and said “My daughters – they say My mother party’s!”   The staff all found it amusing I was really going to go and that I went, and I survived until 4 am too!  I loved it – dancing, wandering, sitting, even lying on the beach in a designated area to chill out a while and rest!  Great fun!





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