Air Head!

Hmmm, something I wasn’t really expecting was the re-adjustment when you get back ‘home’ from travelling.  Whether almost a year like me or four weeks away as my daughter did, we both felt our head was full of air, space, cotton wool – just unable to fully focus back on reality!Mind will rule you

It has taken me weeks to get where I am now, and I have sorted business basics out and things are in place -except my rebrand logo!  And therein lies the problem, for me at least.  I don’t know who I am or what I want any more, maybe.

I know who I am, the same person, but with bits placed in different ways now; I know what I want – to be fulfilled, busy, effective and doing something worthwhile like my business in coaching and counselling.   But just how to offer that – or moreover how to market it so I get clients again.

This was, I admit, not something I concentrated on in the thrill of living my dream to travel the world.   But coming back, as after a holiday where you relaxed fully, didn’t have mundane things to think about – just fun and chill time!


But wider than that, it is a little identity crisis.  Unsure what values have changed, insights into problems reduced having seen the issues in poorer or political countries;  but recognising how simple life was and how complicated and detailed it is back here in the UK!

Also, more expensive.  The trapping you just need to live – and clothes coming out of my ears that I kept but sorted and still things I won’t wear.  I like the simple life – just five outfits to choose from.  It was enough!  One pair of shoes for different needs was sufficient – trainers/boots, sandals, evening shoe, espedrill style and thong (Aussie word!)

Now its all back to bills and services, travelling by car and repairs, public transport for appointments, catching up with people about the trip and generally getting back in touch.

I’ve found it, at times, overwhelming!   After so much space and time to get place to place, albeit with schedules, the choice of when and how, where from and to, and amazing things to see, people to meet and learn about – it’s quite stressful now!

Who knew I would have this problem?  Certainly not me, nor my daughter after SE Asia which she loved and got to know differently to me (her age, her DJ links and lifestyle, so went to different places and did things just differently).Then there is the planning ahead for months and even years!  People keep asking me what next?  Well, I just don’t know.

Time for change clock Vuono

Photo by Stuart Miles courtesy of

And guess what? I like not knowing!   I like the easy sway of life (not misprinted), going with the flow of life and people, transport and destinations.   I don’t know if I like the organisation and structure of my life ‘back home’ which was so important to me before, so much a part of me!

Well, onward and sideways, maybe, see how it flows with a mix of old and new outlooks, needs and desires and where my plans take me next …

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