Settling back…??

Well, am I settling back?  I’m trying.   It does actually feel – as most people say – that I have not been away, sadly.   The rain and cold doesn’t help, and this is still summer here!  The local area I left from, and lived in always, is still the same as are most people there too.  That’s disappointing but probably expected.  It was weird to be ‘back’ at first, a month ago.   I actually found myself unsure what was over the next hill or round the corner at times and I found myself accepting the coffee I ordered as ‘whatever the local’s have’ when I realised it would have milk in as that’s how we Brits usually have it, no questions asked!

I have the memories which I try to pull forward, and the pictures which do remind me I was there.  But it doesn’t feel like I went away for a year.  I feel as I always did – and that’s not good!


My grand plans for changing my life haven’t yet materialised and I am finding it harder than expected to find the right place to live now.   I am ready to compromise – and that was the problem, I have always compromised or put up with things!

Whilst that was great for travelling – accommodation not close enough to town or not as good as it looked online, making do with local food and drink etc – it isn’t good for one’s life is it?!

And as a life coach, it definitely isn’t good!

I am taking my manageable daily steps but its a month now and I don’t feel I’ve made enough progress.    But I will plug on at it, as I would tell my clients.  “Change doesn’t happen overnight …”…but my personal changes have happened, and now I want to see them count.  I want the changes to manifest now!

My life has changed for the better since travelling and whilst travelling, but now it has to change whilst settling back in the UK – at least for now.   With the EU referendum with still uncertain outcomes for the future, I will keep my eyes and ears open for changes or options.

Still, I have inspired my eldest daughter to travel and she’s off in two weeks now to SE Asia.  She is also planning on going away for good, which is great I think.   Although we might miss her, it will be so much fun for her and a great growth option both personally and professionally (with a couple of gigs already booked for her in Vietnam and Thailand for DJ Euphonique and Sub-woofah!)


Are the drastic measures I took in selling up and travelling worth it?

Absolutely YES!   Even though it’s not quick and easy, the changes and improvements have manifested for me and I will make the rest work out!




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