Homeward Bound

So, 10 months on from leaving the UK I am on my way home via Spain, where my last flight would leave from in Madrid, and Ibiza where Im meeting my daughters for a weeks holiday together – catching up, reviewing our year apart and chilling together. Or partying….!

So exactly? I left on 31st July 2015 arriving back 4th June 2016 is 8 weeks short of a year, so exactly 10 months. And 5 weeks short of leaving my home too, on 10th July.

Am I sad? Yes of course. Its been a fantastic year of fun, insights, learning and personal development for me. Am I ready to go home? Wherever that eventually is, yes I am. Living out of a backpack – no matter how big – and moving rooms, cities and finding your bearings every few days – and the necessary planning involved in all that! – is far from relaxing (hence I didn’t include that in my list for the years experiences!)

But I am excited to have my next goal to follow through now, in building my business, in a new place, run by a different me…new image,new ideas, new experiments to try! New clientele, new clients, new premises, new networks, may e – hopefully – new cultures. I also have a goal to lear Spanish. Having fallen in Iove with both Peru and Spain, it’s right I should make more effort to communicate when I go back; it might also involve moving abroad in due course too. Nut thats for another day.

Today, my adventure with my girls and Cream Ibiza (finishing of my trio of dance events as yet another goal of mine!), and next week beginning my professional goals which is stimulating and exciting …just in a different way!!!

The boat party sunset on our final day in Ibiza..and of my trip!



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