One I’ve seen, although captive now, at 5.5 metres called Wendell who has a long term partner only about 2 metres if that! They still produce young after several years and she apparently has been a calming influence as he was taken into Crocosaurus Cove after becoming too dangerous to humans in the wild. He is enormous!!!

,And the brave ones can go in the water with him, in a one inch thick perspex tube so it seems as if there is no barrier! He circled the cage, and snapped at a dangling food chunk right up,against the cage, and splashed and turned in the water with two young girls looking on, a little nervously at times!!!

I have seen three metre long ones on Yellow water billabong too, in the wild. Seeing about eight of different sizes and ages, just a head or eye, then submerging again under the boat or just full body showing as they swam away. The first one was in shallow water and tried to go underneath the boat but thrashed when he couldnt!! An angry croc…!!!

You cant always se them easily, one smallish one hidden in mangrove roots covered in mud and shadows, waiting for a thirsty wallaby to pass by.

Running at about 40mph they have great vision, but zig zag as you flee one because they cant do that quickly enough!!

I also held a small one that apparently was a baby not the mini one I first believed, growing eventually to the 5m size or more, as he sat across my right shoulder for photos!!!! Luckily sellotape was around his mouth for now.

It was exciting, and though we were told to keep arms in the boat as they do jump for food, I found myself at one point reminded when I leaned to take a photo, someone moved in front and so without thinking I leaned right over the side!!! Silly me; lucky me!!! 😳

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