IT doesn’t give me control!

Technology is supposed to ‘help’ not hinder! Do you feel like this sometimes?

When it works, its great! Fast, efficient and helpful. But when it doesn’t work easily or I don’t understand the jargon, it is the most frustrating thing ever!!!

Since starting my travels it is time consuming and stressful in the main. This is partly due to the iPad I bought before leaving in preparation for continuing to run my business whilst travelling (after all IT is universal!) and communicating with people back home in the UK or those I will meet along the way. It is finger typing and as a keyboard typist less efficient and time consuming!

Also Apple restrictive and I have had to buy a Windows phone during the travel that didn’t work out until Australia really! I don’t understand all the background to it and so far little help from family or UK contacts or host to get my suspended business website back and running after virus spamming constantly!! Nightmarish!!!

Buying an expensive flash drive yesterday to use between iPad and PC as storage too, which I think will be useful, I find is not ‘compatible’ as i need ‘firmware’ update – but nothing on the packaging nor the salesman mentioned the needs for this!!! The sandisk chat didn’t help much more than my research on the internet which was only half understandable for a non- IT expert

I use it for booking rooms ahead on, one I didn’t expect to use but is god although additional costs for the privilege and lots of places use Trip Advisor which I think is expensive in general. Or which is not as good as I expected as others have also said along the way…

I recently found places via which seems good and not expensive as I thought it was for all types of stays. Lots of places are not on these sutes so get overlooked, and word of mouth – or blogs! – can help here!!

Mobile calling too has been less than effective with lots of wasted sims and credit as it didn’t work, was not timely for ongoing travel, and unhelpful,people at the other end to change bookings, make them or sort problems! Both UK and Asia, and even Australia now!!!

28.11.15 was another IT frustrating day where my phone didn’t appear to charge and switch on then I got a call, but then back to struggle again! unsure if my taxi was booked until the last minute, at the airport the ATM wouldn’t give me money, so panic set in, then I was told other machines might work, which one did thank heavens!! Stressful on my way to Darwin flight with little cash!!!

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