Just sitting in the rain…

Sounds silly? What about in my swimsuit, by Cairns ‘sea front’ by a swimming lagoon? Between the showers, coming with the imminent wet season I hit in each new place, I sunbathed in hot sun but it was often too much for a fair skinned English girl!


Lounging in the deeper water, sitting by the wall watching pelicans feding and grooming on the mudflats opened by the tide out, it is still a lovely view!


There is a family of pelicans living here I understand, whilst earlier this week everyone was thrilled to see 15 of them on the tiny beach out  front!!  They were happy to be close as long as no-one went too near on the sand, then they just took to the water.  Amazing to see unusual wildlife so close and regularly!

Today there was also a crane looking for foods at the front as the tide brought new fish in that kept jumping to the surface,  offering easy feeds for all birds.

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