Creative Meal making…

Now being sonrelaxed and time to slow down, think, appreciate and savour life and living that travelling has brought me tomso far, I didn’t feel too hungry last night after late lunch and breakast, so went out about 9 pm to find street food but almost all closed and gone!


So I decided to get fruit and what meat I could and make do. I found the ladt three coated chicken legs on a stall, Tesco Lotus (yes, they’re here) for a pineapple, apples and a knife – and paper plates which they had too!


I wandered back tonthe small hotel 6-11 where I’m staying to eat outside at the small garden table on the ‘terrace ‘ (sounds more grand than it is!) then set anout preparing my meal!  With the free instant coffe available it was a relaxed treat that was all the nice for being spontaneous!

Oh and did I say I added  music from my iPad too? Not too loud but nice!

And it was so nice to do I did it again the night after, with the yummy tender pork on sticks and mini pork ribs, rice and fruit again!! Deliciousm fresh and healthy eating!!!!

And now I have a very sharp but useful knife to carry round to!!!  Along with my plastc spoon and paper plates ‘just in case!!

But I need to creatively eat my cornflakes and milk tomorrow as that wont work on a paper plate!   hmmmm….

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