Adventures Unexpected

5th Sep 2015

Booking a trip eventually to see the irrawaddy dolphins indigenous to the Mekong, and the waterfall on Don Khong we started our mini adventure. A bike tuk tuk across Don Det and the bridge to Don Khone for about 30 minutes, then a boat to the the main island.

We saw several dolphins or at least the five that stay there, a few times as they curled out of the water, sitting on shore and the boat. On the way back, our boat missed a tree and got caught up in the propeller so we were at the mercy of strong steady currents!!

The two men, one, our guide, quite old got an oar and piece of wood to row the quite big boat to shore, where we got out and walked through a village to the boat dock again, and our tuk tuk ride.


Rode back and again enjoyed the ride and views, then after a short wait we were told to go to the steps to get in a a small motor boat the locals use, to e bike to get to Don Khong, which was cool as I’d wanted to try one! So close to the water, and feeling the currents….

Then from there we got a bike tuk tuk where I got to sit on the back again, Rebecca in the truck part. As we rode about 20 mins to the fall, there was a storm brewing to the right, heavy dark clouds and then a wind built up ( the first time I felt cold for a month or more!) driving into it on the bike and Rebecca put on her Go Pro head camera!!! I was chasing a storm too now!!

We got to the waterfall park under dark clouds, imminent rain. We set off on the path towards the fall, stopped to put my stuff in plastic in my broken bag.
Seeing the water pouring over the falls we took pics,brolly up, then just as we got to the viewing platform already busy with sheltering people, it poured down. We watched the raging river pour over the rocks, the power impressive! The huge Mekong higher up looking still then into the torrent of four falls 15 m high!!!

imageNot the boat but similar size to the dolphin watch..

Setting off back the rain subsided and skies cleared into stunning formations including a tower of clouds, and the promised sunset began. Riding back on the bike tuk tuk, skilfully avoiding many potholes with the bike and carriage, we got back to the boat stop and climbed in to the seatless boat to sit on the now soaked mat!!! Still fun and got out having a fun and interesting day 🚤 on the road and on the water!!!

Got back, changed and ate with Rebecca, then went to sit at Happy Bar and got chatting to Tom and Jake from UK. nice guys, cool visit like the lagoon and places visited, life and travel.

Great day!!!

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