What’s today? Yes, wats today!!

This was my pland, and what I said to myself this mornin, which made me smile!

I visited two very different and unique wats in Ubon Ratchathani today.

One by the Mon River, what a lovely name, which I’d meant to visit, and surely  Wat Supattanaram is the pretttiest gardens ever, and so peaceful!

image image

Huge dragons at entrance by the river and colourful stupa with wooden hall for monks services..lovely to


Pretty decorations, unusual old trees and nicely designed well kept gardens with seating and Bhuddas

The other was stunning, and not like anything I’ve seen nor expected!  Right out by the airport, in a very distant spot in the city, is Wat Ban Na Muang, cuurently being developed so access was difficult in parts and muddy.  However, well,worth my visit and the need of help from three local ladies tomget a taxi back to the centre!!!

image image

Designed as a long dragon headed ship, complete with rowers either end  and supervisors, the stupa stands in the middle and easnt accessible for public.

image image

Impressive huge dragon head, dragon claw serpents again, and the bell tower look lovely in brown and beige.

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