Friends in faraway places

How nice – and also a little weird – to meet friends in places other than the usual or expected!

I  met a family friend in Hua Hin today, after recently seeing her at my home town and even bumping in to her at the supermarket earlier that day!  It felt surreal and yet today more ‘normal’ although so far away for me!  I was already planning to stay in Vietnam with her, hence it was on my list. But posting it in FB she contacted me to say she too was in the same town and just down the road from me!!

Lovely to have lunch with her in the pier and additional benefit of now having an itinerary for the next two months in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

Tried a fish dish – whole steamed fish, something I haven’t tried before, and yummy Thai curry too that we shared, caught up and chilled.  Got some tips like mosquito spray day and night!!!

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