Thai Temples and New Friends

Just woken up on Sunday to find us in the mountains but at the top! Sloping woodlands and flat paid fields, mountain tops in cloud too.

A novelty sleeping on the express from Bangkok to Chiangmai Mai, with cushioned roll out for a wide seat on the bottom bunk for me, clean crisp white sheet and pillow case and big cosy white blanket. Even and I dragged mine out to do the same. with the air con, we all snuggled into blankets chatting, sharing experiences and getting to know each other.

I met khadija, sharing my ‘room’ travelling for 6 away from teaching with Jonathan and Gemma on a long haul trip, all from London; then at Ayuttaya Lil and Paul got on and Gemma went next door to her booked bed in with the three rapping French guys (it was us supposed to be partying)

Temples in Chiang Mai
Temples in Chiang Mai


Seems C M is about temples, trekking and night with hill tribe and bungee jumping by the three amigos!

They want me to meet up at Koh Pha- Ngan for Full Moon party on 29th August!! Will have to see if I can do it re other plans, but might be slim and tanned in two more weeks but planned Loas and Cambodia on the way back down, then Ubon start of Sept and Vietnam October.

More bites from station and maybe train….irritating for real!! Breakfast was a beaten tuna sandwich from 7/11but ok, and coffee from the train.

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