My first Thailand train journey excelled!

i wanted to do my travels by train, that was my plan.

Things changed as I required at agents who offered flight package tickets instead.   I have 16 flights and can fit in trains and buses to see the scenery, life and places in between.  This was my first major journey of three hours or so from Hua Hin to Nakhom Pathom on 11th August 2015, then on to Kanchanaburimfor, two hours next day.   Was it worth it. Oh yes, it was!

I was overwhelmed so made notes to recall the details in years to come, or even months, no,doubt.  One thing that fascinates me since I arrived are the ibis everywhere! A bird I have only seen I’ve only seen in pictures or tv, from landing at the airport anywhere there is water!  Now Imsaw so many I flocks of 10-20 and flying as the noisy train approached or even in trees; and then herons and more recently lots of Pelicans near waterways too.   Things I have only heard I’ve now seen wild and free, and in numbers!

Tree covered high mountains, on limestone rock that old Chinese and Thai paintings in the wats (temples) show,  that I never thought were real until now either!  But they depict what was or is there and some look like the artwork with streaky rock faces.

imsaw padi fields and a worker in a hat just like in pictures!

I passed through among Sala, Non chok, Plan duk, and PakmTho.

I lost a bag tied to my rucksack with my Kahului and a beach towel in but had wondered if I needed… Only to find an old Thai man who moved around he carriage, saved me from an insert crawling on me and smiled pleasantly at me…had it with him getting his things from the rack! Should I mention it, do I want them or need them, more than him I wondered?  But let it go.  If he found them he needed them (an old Toaist story) and if took them from my bag, as my jacket was still there, then shame on him but I gave them to him willingly in the end.

I watched cows and herders, five chiildren in a bike carriage, family bike riders, buffalo and amazing pink lilies amongst lily pads at the side of the track.  Mountain ranges, Trains, crossings, queues, bikes, people, villages, houses, temples, tropical radians, banana trees, jungle – so much to see and take in, to remember and recall…

I did indeed enjoy my first Thai train ride. And that’s why I wanted to travel like that in the first place…

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