Friendly Thais

I met a lovely man at Wang Pho on his way back to work at Thakasae Bridge station where he maintains radio equipment. Previously in the Air Force as an engineer where he learned his English to speak with Americans, too. Told me how to get from Thomburi to bus for hua  lamphong on the 40 bus so I would be safe with crime around the stations. so tired after my 6 hour train trip even though it should have been more than 2 hours less re ‘timetable’ that I got a taxi cheap enough and ear enough re Bangkoks one way system.

He said he liked to talk to people so we chatted about my travels, his wish to see England one day, etc etc.

We shook hands and I gave him a hug when he got off, which seemed ok and he said I should come see him again sometime maybe .

Thai people are so friendly and helpful in the main, outside the tourist areas where they try it on – but am getting better at haggling or at least not being taken advantage of as much!!!



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