Thai Nights

Sitting on the train after Kwai crossing and WangPho viaduct on Friday 14th August 2015′ on my way to Bangkok then Chiang Mai Mai tomorrow. The trip offered history and with beautiful views…if scary with open doors on the train to a drop and people wanting to get by me and a teacher taking photos. Got some good videos along the river, albeit not the original River Kwai but the Muong Khlong. To avoid tourist problems the Thais renamed it Big Kwai or Roi Kwae. Nice 😄

I discovered last night a walkway down to the Kwai and found I was staying on a raft hotel after all, stilts and wooden huts too in Jungle greenery!


The nightly silence was interrupted by the odd fish splash, crickets and frogs,bats flying over and odd noises that were unfamiliar other than animal.

I enjoyed my regular transport of scooter taxis at Kanchanaburi, cheap at £1 to everywhere it seems! I got my “Thai brolly” too at Kwai when is started to rain and someone got me one (not so cheap at £3), useful for rain and sun with silver inner coating. I did think about one, and glad I had it later when if poured and I was buying fruit and water for the evening.

Ate my now staple fried rice dishes for dinner about 8pm before writing posts, trying skypes and planning the next few days…


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