Thailand so far…

well I made it!  Arrived in Bangkok on Saturday after two flights both delayed and a dash between to catch the second.   Three nights easing into Thailand in a 3* hotel but I am now also an official backpacker staying my first hostel in Hua Hin on the bay of Thailand for some  much needed rest from organising, sorting and moving!   It’s cheap at £7 a night and clean, near to beach and market, restaurants and shops.  And apparently the station too.  I came in nothing’s from Bangkok airport for ThB 300 again about £6 for a four hour trip.   Luxury bus, nice views, time to relax!

Hua Hin from monkey temple and Thai scenery from bus


e ache day involves planning the next although meeting other travellers means you are invited along with them – the night market, seafood dinner with four new friends and beach beers when we met up next day as they passed me sunbathing… Nice to meet Leah, Lea, Martha and Hamad from Sweden, France, Germany and Singapore respectively.

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