Cheeky monkey!

I visited the temple today at Takiad near Hua Hin with monkeys running free.

Cute as they seemed at first I bought a bucket of food to get the engagement with them but the big male I assume, jumped up and knocked the bucket of food from my hands so they could all get it rather than wait for it to be handed out.

I throwing it out as instructed, and the ones that had gathered just ran in then and gobbled at the spillage! It was funny and I think some other tourists got it on camera but unexpected too. I forgot they are wild monkeys in the end, no matter they live in a ‘temple’.  

And then later another smaller monkey jumped up at me and grabbed my lovely cold Tango from me as I carried it to the tuck tuk to leave and ran off with it, drinking it where I could see him! Cheeky and very disappointing as it was hot as hell out there!

They are cheeky and I impatient, very headstrong and survivors obviously, not waiting for silly tourists silly games!

A little one fell in the drinking pond and a big one- mum maybe ran over and grabbed it out and hugged it!

Some cute babies crying or squeaking too, but good to see monkey life close up if sad they live in ruins instead of jungles.

And beautiful views from from what has been on my right view from the beach usually over to where I sit on the beach at the right side on the sandy beach you can see under the  headland.

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