Travel plans developing …

planeI have at last really got some idea when and where to travel to.  I don’t think I can do it all – and do it justice or properly, without rushing it – in one go.  So the plans are developing.

I think I want to do Asia and Latin America, Australia and Europe this time round.  Maybe travel USA and other areas in future.

I know I can only travel one way around the world in a flight ticket so will have to check this out.   I also need time for them to get the trip co-ordinated – something I hadn’t thought about or realised before, so I will have to manage that too.

It’s my daughter’s 21st this year, and would clash with the travelling which she is not happy about – as well as I would like to be there too!   So I think I want to travel the Europe train trip from June to July, come back for that and then move the ‘bigger’ trip.   See how life (the universe) helps plans to come together, given time?

TIme for reflection Stuart MilesI have now also shared this with come clients, so it is becoming very real.  I had an experience at weekend where opening up my emotions and mind, which again made it very real and coming quickly!   Reality can be a scary thing and “when you say it aloud it makes it real” as my friend once said to me and is so very true.

So I can have time in Europe – get used to travelling, near enough to get back for the special day and time to get the bigger travel in place.   Organisation and planning is always a good idea…

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail”

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