I’m off!

Well, it’s really happening!  I’m off on my travels this year.  I have sold my house, using the money to travel and experience the world, the cultures, the people – and me!

World planesI hear that travelling helps you grow quite quickly!  Why? Because of the experiences you have on the road.   People of course will give you those experiences, but being independent, having choices and options, taking opportunities or missing them (or the train, flights or coach!) will all be part of those experiences.  Seeing what I like and can do, or what I don’t like and cannot quite manage!

Achievement though is what counts.  I will have achieved a life-long dream to see the world!   Although I once believed I could do anything in my teens, I realised perhaps I couldn’t.  Then I found coaching, found myself and grew to believe yet again I can do anything!

Do anything?  Well, if I REALLY want to do it at least!   Then, and only then, will I put in the effort to achieve what I want to achieve.   You might be pushed, but one day you will stop trying and turn away – but if you CHOOSE to do something, if the passion is inside and the drive there then nothing can stop you!  This is truly believe.  I have seen it happen over and over again with clients, friends, relatives – and me too!

Tick list mine


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