Moving on is scary …

Indeed it is and I think we all know this! Some times in our lives have led to change and we are not comfortable with it. Why not? The unknown, the lack of control, the losses and uncertainty, confusion, discomfort and upheavals both practically and emotionally all add to the ‘dislike’.

Few, if any, people will say the enjoy change! We may well look forward to the changes, and we may well enjoy the outcomes – but the actual process of change, the effort, stress and uncertainty? I doubt it, but I could be wrong!

And when my moving on affects others too, it’s difficult to just put it out there and expect them to be happy, or even OK with it! That’s scary too. How will they manage, how will it affect them short and longer term? Is it right for them or just me? Is it right for me?!

etc etc

Scary – fear. This is the one thing that stops people moving on, moving out, moving up though! If I recall one moving up fear that held me back it’s ‘that’ Saatchi & Saatchi job when I was in my 20’s or even before. I had the interview, did well and then the waiting to hear …I got myself into such a state over it – could I really do it if I got it? Amy I good enough? Will they expect more than I could give? that I prayed not to be offered it and then I wouldn’t have to make the decision myself because I didn’t believe in myself. Well, my prayers were answered and I wasn’t offered it. Then I was disappointed! |But maybe a little relieved as I could stay at my level then.


Where would it take me? should have been the real question I know now! And I would have jumped at the chance for it to take me higher and wider experiences than I could have hoped for I guess, being an international company and world-widely known. And successful!

Advertising too, could have been my forte had I seen it and tried it. Something I would love to do now having my own business and having to do it for myself. But I didn’t. I backed away.

And now, even though I feel the fear I will do it anyway! And every day from now on …

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