My journey – still ongoing …

So, it’s April since I last posted here!  8 months and still counting.   10 months since I made a decision, and realised openly I want to travel really – not just a dream!

Calendar 18 months

Today I read this and it has inspired me to hold on to my dream and continue to take the steps.  What’s holding me back?

House and Family – my house is still for sale, but very slow.  My family, mainly my daughter(s) and the changes  that will impact her/them.

Practical and emotional.

Fear too, in hoping it might not happen yet.  But when it does, I am still ready.  Still lots of household items to sort and move, a cat to consider too, and my actual realistic plans!

All the while, keeping my current lifestyle going, and moving positively forward.  It doesn’t just stop whilst you plan.  Life goes on …and on.

Still a lot of emotional stuff to deal with too perhaps.

But I am still here, I am still moving and I am still dreaming!

red rose and book


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