Sharing my journey

Well, since sharing my posts on setting out on my world travels, I have new followers!  Hello – and thank you!  This is encouragement for me and much appreciated.  It helps to know others feel the same and have taken the steps!  It would be good to keep in touch with their travels, get ideas and this is part of the ‘meeting new people’ I want to do as part of my adventure.

I am unconsciously preparing now, whilst sorting out the house sale and the collection (read ‘hoarding’) of the last 17 years of my life as a mother, in the main.  I found my old dive mask today whilst preparing to sell all the fins and stuff I have kept ‘just in case’ for so many years (mine, since I was 23, and my children’s for the last 13 years! Oh dear, in print now!).


My mask to be honest will go with me as it has my own lense prescription in – and so it seems that I intend to go diving.  I did pass one when I was 22 but will need to PADI qualify too, although I should be fine.  Not a confident diver though, I would like to see it all again and new places.

So another part of the plan in place.  And thank you again for the ongoing motivation and encouragement!   I will follow you closely and learn from your travels …


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