Update on ch-ch-changes

The changes are happening, quickly now!  What is happening then? I am selling my home and travelling for a while, investing more into my business and settling …somewhere!  The idea has been developing for years, literally.  Probably since I visited Dubai in 2009 for my 50th, and realised that working abroad could be a reality … one day.

So, it’s been sitting at the back of my mind which has been working hard as it does to create the dream into an achievable goal!   That’s what coaching is and who better to coach than myself?

Pen & book

In part, it is listening to my clients and others about travelling, holidays and taking opportunities.   And now it’s time!   I will be doing a Travelblog on Clear Mind‘s blog from 20th April, and link to here maybe  – or the other way around.

It starts at Beginnings – just one word per post to show how the process is unfolding for me, and dips into full insights on how the process works for personal coaching.   This is just proving the point for me.

Where am I going?  Hopefully, everywhere!  Travelling the world!  I might not do it all at once, and plan year on year trips to new places, but if I can I want to see a lot of it whilst I have the chance – and this is a once in a lifetime chance for me – and I’m ready to take it!

It’s feels right, good, exciting and comfortable.  It is obviously a little daunting, but I know its the right time for me to do it.   I will have the resources, the plans, the capacity to do what I want to do – and need to do.   ‘Before I’m too old to climb a mountain!’  That is both practical and physically, but also metaphorically too, including my business plans.

BusinessmanSo, things are moving quite rapidly now.   People around me are accepting it – and are generally envious, most saying they wished they’d done it.  So there you are.  I don’t want to wish I had tried it, I want my headstone to say: “She did it!”  And that is something I have wanted it to say for ages!   This is just one of them, another my business, another personal development …

So …here goes!

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