Life and Living

This is my newest phrase.  “Life & Living”.

I seem to go through phases of using one that ‘fits my mindset’ or most recent discoveries of theories and thoughts perhaps.

My business is based around people and their lives, and living them fully.  My business is based around me, too – my experiences, my dreams and my aim to support people to be the best the can be, my discoveries, my learning and knowledge, and skills as well.

It began so many years ago, and I was always the helpful child to people – always wanting to help (but not, I think, needing to be needed?)


I supported people as a secretary then administrator and manager, I motivated people, helped my team to develop together and individually, and have always loved to learn new things, information, reading, discussing and writing.  I am organised and good at planning, forethought and solutions.

I wish I’d done A level English language but it wasn’t an option at my school.  One day I will do it I guess.  I discovered that love from Psychology studies (another love), and also how people grow and develop, the mind and how it influences behaviours and beliefs  too.

Some of this love came from experience – or from experiences highlighting this love perhaps!   Anyway, from 14 years old when I wanted to become a social worker but was told I was ‘too sensitive’ by someone (I wish I knew who now, as I ended up working as administration with both adults and children’s social care!) at ‘Met House’.  I can see the dark, dull waiting area, and a tall woman, but unsure who that would be from then.

Me and mum  tweakedMy mum came with me and I could ‘feel’ she wanted so much to make it better, easier and less painful for me but couldn’t find the words perhaps.  As I turned and walked away my heart sank deeper.  I was so disappointed.    (Could I find out now I wonder?  But too late, in the past!)

And yet, I have found my way back to that wish to support and help people in need; it’s still that community spirit, my social conscience, that took me into council work as administrator in an older people’s home, with colleagues I liked and worked well with in my admin team (but less so in the homes themselves!).   I always believed social care was there for the population of the town, that councils helped and supported their local town.  How wrong was I?  It took me 18 years to find out I was wrong – and only when I left!  That shows me how controlling and blinkered the services can be, people can be.

Still, here I am with my own business – something I never would have thought, some people still don’t accept (believe) and I am making it work.   My first year of real ‘self employment’ without the security of a part time or full time employed job too!   Not by choice, but I have learned the universe will sometimes make things happen somehow, some day.  Like the social work to counselling/coaching, admin and management experience I use every day in business with clients and day to day business management.

It was someone I managed, who, as I was leaving that job, mentioned I was good at networking’ so would be good if I started my business.  I was surprised.  Something I’d never thought of but yes, I was.  I liked people; I was curious; I liked to learn; I liked making connections and using those links for mutual benefit.  And I still do.
When butterflySo here I am.  This is my life and living it daily.   How I got here, and where I am going – in a nutshell!   I have learned so much, I have made mistakes, and I have now found my niche in life, my strength of character and built resilience.  I am stronger than ever before, more in touch with the world around me and feel secure in who I am and being able to do what I want – to achieve my dreams.

And I know I’m lucky in that.  Hence my business.  I would like everyone to find what I have found – to embrace their personal power and live the life they choose.    I learn every day and that’s important.  Through business I have found people to engage with, who stimulate my mind and emotions, who teach me lessons both good and bad.

Now, I would like to help my daughters to learn about themselves, their lives and living, so they can choose and create the right life for them whilst they are younger than me when I made my discoveries (and the losses, the learning, the pain and the regrets too).  I know they will have some of their own, but everyone has something to offer and my offering to them – and others – is to help them manage their life effectively to achieve their potential, their dreams and happiness/contentment.

Take care, be happy, enjoy life!

(This was for a long time my mantra to others, and I have recently ‘found it’ again, clearly I’m back on track!)  

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